Weather for the year 2100

Posted by Marcus - October 28, 2015

NASA recently released weather forecasting data for the precipitation (rain or snow) for every year in the interval 2000 to 2100. 
Of course, I quickly downloaded data for the year 2100 and made a small video, which can be seen below. 

Mean precipitation (rain or snow) per day for the year 2100

The video clearly shows the west going winds at the equator and the more east going winds closer to the poles.

Checking the single day event below, we see heavy precipitation over the mountains in Southern America. This is an example of the common phenomenon of orographic lift, that is, when an air mass is forced upwards by mountains. As the air mass rises, it cools and condenses. This process increase the humidity to ~ 100%, which can result in precipitation.

Example of orographic lift in Southern America 

The code for generating the images for the video can be found at Github. Overview of what the NASA datasets contain and finally we have the real place of retrieving data.