Dokk1nfo (2016-present)
A book finding tool for the largest public library in Scandinavia, Dokk1.

Groundwork for a New Data-Driven Formulation of a Simple Dynamic Wind Farm Model (2015-2016)
My master's thesis.

SunPi (2014-2015)
The SunPi is a completely selfcontained solar powered Raspberry Pi (B+)

NavNav (2015)
A tool for navigating the Navitas building at Aarhus University.

TeString (2014-2015)
A guitarpedal that was supposed to be able to tell the user how worn their strings were. Concept works but has no real commercial value.

Mekanisk slidindikator for musikstrenge (Wear indicator for musical strings) (2012)
My bachelor's thesis:  The theory to support TeString.

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