Posted by Marcus - December 31, 2019

Dokk1nfo (2016)

Created a bookfinding tool for the largest library in Scandinavia. Like navnav, no systematic way of locating books was availabIe. I added a small writeup how I did it here.

Master's thesis (2016)

"Groundwork for a New Data-Driven Formulation of a Simple Dynamic Wind Farm Model" was a great challenge to complete since it opened my eyes to renewable energy and also greatly expanded my Python programming skills since all data processing was done with that.

NavNav (2015)

A tool to navigate the building Navitas at Aarhus University. This was necessary because of no systematic numbering of rooms throughout the building. The project consists of an interactive website accompanied by Android and iOS apps.

TeString (2015)

Had a go at creating something real that used the work from my bachelor thesis. Seemed to work but does not have enough commercial value to pursue, for now.

Bachelor thesis (2015)

"Mekanisk slidindikator for musikstrenge" (wear indicator of mechanical wear on musical strings) dealt with the science behind the wear and tear of musical strings.